Sports Betting Questions

Football betting online makes most football enthusist Sunday mornings, because footbll betting is easier than ever, you can bet on football from the comfort of your own home with one click of the mouse! As well football betting online offers gamblers more options than your local book or even a las vegas sportsbook can offer. You'll often times find more football proposition betting, increased parlay odds, big teaser odds, unique wager types such as pleasers or action points, and of course bonuses which your local or your vegas sportsbook doesn't offer. It pays to do your football betting online!

What is a pointspread bet?

This is the most common type of wager and is typically referred to as a straight bet. That means you win what you bet minus the standard 10% vig. Unless a bookmaker states otherwise, this type of bet carries odds of 11:10, i.e., you bet $11 in order to win $10. Pointspread bets are wagers in which you either give or take points on the team you want to wager on. These points are then added to or subtracted from your team's final score. That modified score is then compared to the other team's true score to see who wins.

Example: New England Patriots +3.5 @ New York Giants -3.5

If you take the New England Patriots you are starting the game with a 3.5 point lead. This means that the Patriots can win the game straight up or lose by as many as 3 points in order to cover the spread making your ticket a winning bet.

If you take the New York Giants (the favorite) and lay the -3.5 points, you start out the game down by 3.5 points which means the New York Giants have to win by four points in order to cover the spread and win your bet for you.

What are over/under bets?

Like the pointspread bet, these types of wagers will more than likely carry 11:10 odds. Unlike the pointspread bet, this is a wager on what the combined scores of both teams will be. The oddsmaker will set a number based on a number of factors (weather, field conditions, injuries, participants, etx. You then wager whether you think the total score will be over or under the oddsmaker's number. For example, a basketball game carries an over/under line of 177. You can then wager if the score between the two teams will go over that number, sometimes called betting on the ball, or if it will be below that number, often referred to as betting on the clock.

What is a Prop Bet?

First off, this is short for proposition bet. This is a bet offered by a sportsbook with odds and conditions attached to it by the oddsmaker. Most Prop Bets are for non-traditional things such as which player will score first, which team will have the most fumbles, who will have more penalties, etc. The majority of prop bets are offered at the standard 11:10 odds, though some of the more exotic ones will carry different spreads depending on a variety of circumstances.

What is a teaser?

A teaser bet allows you to move a pointspread by a pre-determined amount. The one condition is you must pay for it. The standard condition is you must bet on at least two teams, as if you were betting a parlay, and win both.

Where can I bet on football games?

Our recommended and endorsed football gambling sportsbooks are a good place to start. Each sportsbook is unique in what they offer. Be sure to find one that specifically meets your needs. These needs may include special parlay odds, pleaser betting, big teaser cards, and bigger betting bonuses.

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