Football betting line

Football betting online makes most football enthusiast Sunday mornings, because football betting is easier than ever, you can bet on football from the comfort of your own home with one click of the mouse! As well football betting online offers gamblers more options than your local book or even a Las Vegas sportsbook can offer. You'll often times find more football proposition betting, increased parlay odds, big teaser odds, unique wager types such as pleasers or action points, and of course bonuses which your local or your vegas sportsbook doesn't offer. It pays to do your football betting online!

A sports book creates a line that either adds to the points for the underdog team or subtracts from the points of the favored team. When a wager line is listed with a 'pk' next to the teams playing, it is an indication that no team is favored in that game. It also means that there is no point spread. With such betting, the actual final score determines the winners and losers of game and the wager. An NFL game played without a betting line is called a 'pick'.

Juice or Vigorish is the service fee that a sports book charges for accepting and processing NFL wagers online. The standard fee for betting NFL games online is 10% of the value of your wager. Usually this fee is taken from the losing wagers.

When the wager line is expressed in money terms, it is called the Money line. It lists how much money your online wager will return, and is used to balance the action when the point spread is not used. Let us take an example to make the concept clear. In an NFL football match between the New York Rangers and Dallas Stars, the wagering line may be +140 for Dallas if the Rangers were a much better team. Consequently, the line for Rangers would be - 140.

Whenever a sports book receives more action on one side of a wager, the NFL betting line is so adjusted so as to create interest in the other side. It is in the interest of the person placing the bet to wait until the highest value is reached on the wager line so as to place a bet on the underdog team.

A computerized NFL betting line service allows all the live betting lines of a sports book to be displayed at the same time so that a bettor can make an informed choice of placing a bet online. Monitoring the games also becomes easier with this type of wager lines. Handicapping information is crucial to deciding the NFL betting line.

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